Dec. 27th, 2030 10:29 am
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You know the drill. :)

As always, comments are screened, and constructive crit is welcome, but please provide examples so that I'll know on which areas to improve.
didyoumeanbane: Now, that's a way to use a sword (Oh...)
>Archer called Rin
>Wants to spend time together
>It had been a while since...
>Standing out in the balcony, looking at the moon
didyoumeanbane: (....zzzzz /shot)
[The feed turns on, but strangely enough, it doesn't show the usual facility. Instead, it shows
didyoumeanbane: (Problem Rin~?)


Backtagging: Yes, please! I don't mind it at all! :D

Also, if you don't feel like continuing the thread and want to handwave an ending instead, then by all means, you can do that too! PM first on what kind of ending though, so that it'll be plausible enough.

Threadhopping: I'm okay with it, but try and check with the other person to see if it's okay with them as well.
Fourthwalling: Depends. If it's on something like dear_mun, then it's okay. However, in a game, then I'd prefer not for it to happen unless cracky stuff happens.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): That all depends as well, but most of the time, I'd rather keep out of it.


Hugging this character: ROFLMAO. While Archer certainly won't shove away the person that's hugging him, he might mind it quite a bit.
Kissing this character: Only if they somehow manage to get real close to him. Otherwise, it's Awkwards-ville for all.
Flirting with this character: P-pfff, yes. It is welcome. xD;;
Fighting with this character: Yup! Feel free to hit me up on how to plan it out!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I don't know, so go all out if you want, but if they're permanent, then ask me first, please.
Killing this character: Go ahead, but ask me first in order to plan out on how he dies.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead, feel free to do so.

Warnings: Any muse that hangs around Archer for longer then a few minutes will become suspect to being GAR themselves.

Lol no j/k don't think there's any at all, so have at you, people!

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